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Cyklistické rukavice Roeckl® Iseo


Cyklistické rukavice Roeckl Iseo. Rukavice s gelovými polstry za výprodejovou cenu.


Cyklistické rukavice Roeckl Iseo. Rukavice s gelovými polstry za výprodejovou cenu.


Technically sophisticated, sporty, trendy: The light and supple performance cycling glove ISEO fits like a second skin and offers first-class support for sporty riders. The ergonomically padded palm with exclusive COMFORT-INNOVATION by ROECKL SPORTS, a padding in the area between the thumb and index finger, and very thin, long-lasting XRD® Technology damping material provide a lot of comfort on long rides or rough terrain. Tactile and robust DURASENSE synthetic suede with ALL-WEATHER-GRIP guarantees top grip on the handlebar, no matter whether in dry or wet weather conditions. And when the going gets tough on vicious climbs and in intensive sprints, generous slots in the AIR-FLOW-SYSTEM on the palm and regulating Micro Mesh on the backhand provide cooling and evaporation. A convenient neoprene cuff without a border but with a discrete easy closure ensures a comfortable and reliable fit around the wrist. Some more thought-through details: the PULL OFF SYSTEM by ROECKL SPORTS and the generous soft-wipe thumb as a wiping cloth or handkerchief. Stylish: color-printed Poly Lycra on the backhand, reflective design elements and the little ROECKL SPORTS hand logo on the cuff. The ISEO is also machine-washable at 30° Celsius (86° Fahrenheit), as are all other ROECKL SPORTS bicycle gloves.


Micro Mesh, Poly Lycra printed




AIR-FLOW-SYSTEM, ALL-WEATHER-GRIP, COMFORT-INNOVATION, ERGONOMIC CUT, PULL OFF SYSTEM, reflective design elements, soft-wipe thumb, XRD® Technology

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