Cyklistické rukavice Roeckl® Index


Cyklistické rukavice Roeckl Index. Rukavice s gelovými polstry za výprodejovou cenu. Velikost rukavic - viz sloupec vlevo.


vel. 7,5 skladem KÓD: 3103-252-009-7,5
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Cyklistické rukavice Roeckl Index. Rukavice s gelovými polstry za výprodejovou cenu.


High-quality features and a thoroughly sophisticated design - those are the characteristics of the new INDEX by ROECKL SPORTS. Technogel® padding on the palm is not only a visual highlight: The gel is particularly flexible as it has a pure elastomer basis; at the same time, it is inherently stable with excellent damping properties. With so much comfort at your hands, you will stay cool even when cobblestone pavement awaits you. The palm of this performance summer glove consists of airy AIR CONTROL mesh and light, hard-wearing DURASENSE, the backhand is made from Micro Mesh, Lycra and Airprene. Elaborate 3D appliqués on the backhand and a new fastener construction highlight a highly technical look.  However, the fastener is integrated into the backhand material: There is no additional seam for even more wear comfort. In addition, ALL-WEATHER-GRIP provides a non-slip grip at all times, no matter what the weather is like. ERGONOMIC CUT, COMFORT-INNOVATION by ROECKL SPORTS, the PULL OFF SYSTEM, reflective design elements and the soft-wipe thumb round off the INDEX’ set of features.


Airprene, Micro Mesh, Lycra full dull




ALL-WEATHER-GRIP, COMFORT-INNOVATION, ERGONOMIC CUT, PULL OFF SYSTEM, reflective design elements, visible Technogel®, soft-wipe thumb

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