Cyklistické rukavice Roeckl® Bergen


Cyklistické rukavice Roeckl Bergen. Rukavice na kolo s pěnovými vystélkami za výprodejovou cenu. Poslední pár skladem. 


vel. 7,5 skladem KÓD: 3101-369-015-7,5
Původní cena 699 Kč. Úšetříte 200 Kč -29%
499 Kč

Cyklistické rukavice Roeckl Bergen. Rukavicena kolo s pěnovými vystélkami za výprodejovou cenu. Poslední pár skladem. 


The BERGEN thrills male and female cyclists alike, not just with its fashionable striped Melange design, but also with its pleasant wear comfort due to a highly breathable mix of materials: Printed Poly Lycra on the seamless and therefore highly comfortable backhand and exclusive MICRO-AIR by ROECKL on the palm absorb sweat very well and let hands breathe. In addition, thin und particularly tactile MICRO-AIR enables reliable control and precision on the handlebar and when handling the brake- and gear levers. COMFORT-INNOVATION, the patented padding of the sensitive crook of the thumb, and ergonomic FLEX-FOAM foam padding on the surface of the palm provide a lot of additional comfort. Both ease the pressure on your hands on long rides and bumpy paths, so that cycling is fun up to the last pedal stroke! Thanks to the clever PULL OFF SYSTEM – small loops on two fingers on the palm – the BERGEN is also easy and simple to take off. And you can wipe sweat from your forehead on strenuous sections or in high temperatures using the practical soft-wipe thumb. Color-coordinated reflective design elements complete the stylish look of this short-fingered glove. The Bergen is of course machine-washable at 30° Celsius (86° Fahrenheit).  


Poly Lycra printed




COMFORT-INNOVATION, ergonomic FLEX-FOAM padding, PULL OFF SYSTEM, reflective design elements, soft-wipe thumb


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