Cyklistické rukavice Roeckl® Basel


Cyklistické rukavice Roeckl Basel. Rukavice s pěnovými vystélkami za výprodejovou cenu. Poslední pár skladem. Velikost rukavic - viz sloupec vlevo.


vel. 7,5 skladem KÓD: 3101-368-036-7,5
Původní cena 599 Kč. Úšetříte 150 Kč -25%
449 Kč

Cyklistické rukavice Roeckl Bassel. Rukavice na kolo s pěnovými vystélkami za výprodejovou cenu. Poslední pár skladem. Velikost rukavic - viz sloupec vlevo.


Whether you want to go for a quick spin after work or on an unhurried pleasure ride at the weekend – the cycling glove BASEL boasts a non-slip grip on the handlebar and a high wear comfort. The reason for that? Its palm is made from soft and hard-wearing Digital Suede, featuring a large siliconization area for a reliable grip. Supple, matt Lycra on the backhand and an easy closure on the outside of the wrist guarantee a great fit – while leaving a lot of flexibility for the fingers to handle the brake and gear levers. When it comes to comfort, the BASEL scores with its ergonomic FLEX-FOAM padding on the palm and the exclusive, seamless COMFORT-INNOVATION padding by ROECKL, which noticeably relieves heavy strain on the pressure-sensitive crook of the thumb. This well thought-out combination prevents early tiring to the hands when you ride your bike. A comfortably soft terry thumb serves to absorb sweat from your face. In addition, the BASEL provides value for money and boasts five attractive color combinations, including reflective design elements – you will find the matching glove for any biking outfit. It is available in sizes 6 to 12 and machine-washable at 30° Celsius (86° Fahrenheit).  


Lycra full dull


Digital Suede


COMFORT-INNOVATION, ergonomic FLEX-FOAM padding, terry thumb, reflective design elements, SILICONE-GRIP


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