Cyklistické dlouhoprsté rukavice Roeckl® Mallero


Dlouhoprsté rukavice Roeckl Mallero. Rukavice bez polstrů pro dokonalý cit na gripy za velmi dobrou výprodejovou cenu. Poslední pár skladem. Velikost rukavic - viz sloupec vlevo.


vel. 7,5 skladem KÓD: 3104-852-000-7,5
Původní cena 1 099 Kč. Úšetříte 300 Kč -27%
799 Kč


If you like a purist approach, you will love the MALLERO. This long-fingered all-mountain glove is light, comfortable, tactile and fits like a second skin. It also boasts a sporty and clean design. The backhand consists of Vita Lycra, made from recycled ECONYL® yarn, which, in turn, consists of 100% regenerated nylon waste (such as used fishnets). Thanks to thin, elastic MICRO-AIR on the palm, the slip-in glove fits like a second skin. At the same time, it provides a sensitive grip on the entire surface, inside as well as outside, so that no additional siliconization is necessary. Thanks to micro-perforation it is also highly breathable - for a conveniently dry wear comfort. By the way, the MALLERO’s palm is not padded apart from seamless COMFORT-INNOVATION padding on the sensitive crook of the thumb, enabling a precise grip on the handlebar. RAIL FINGER CUT with pre-curved fingers additionally optimizes the fit. Finally, the MALLERO offers the TOUCHSCREEN COMPATIBLE feature on all fingers (for using your smartphone and GPS) and excellent value for money.


Vita Lycra with ECONYL® yarn




COMFORT-INNOVATION, RAIL FINGER CUT, reflective design elements, soft-wipe thumb, TOUCHSCREEN COMPATIBLE

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