Cyklistické dlouhoprsté rukavice Roeckl® Maira

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Dlouhoprsté rukavice Roeckl Maira. Rukavice bez polstrů pro dokonalý cit na gripy za velmi dobrou výprodejovou cenu. Poslední pár skladem. Velikost rukavic - viz sloupec vlevo.


vel. 8,5 skladem KÓD: 3104-851-590-8,5
Původní cena 799 Kč. Úšetříte 200 Kč -25%
599 Kč


The puristic long-fingered mountain bike glove MAIRA by ROECKL boasts a casual Enduro-styling as well as features that are reduced to the essential and optimized for riding off-road. In detail this means no easy closure, no padding, but a lot of tactility and touch.  As a slip-in glove this model offers an outstanding close fit around the hand even without an easy closure which thrills all free spirits on two wheels - freeriders, Enduro pilots, trial and BMX riders. Thanks to an unpadded palm made from robust and yet supple DURADERO you’ll be able to precisely control the handlebar and therefore the bike. The backhand is robust and at the same time elastic thanks to Twill Span and 2-way Spandex, guaranteeing high wear comfort and unlimited flexibility as well as a close fit. The pre-curved fingers of the RAIL FINGER CUT with the palm material pulled over the fingertips additionally optimize the fit and protect from abrasion and damage. And because the going often gets tough on the trails, the MAIRA by ROECKL provides a non-slip grip thanks to SILICONE-GRIP and features COMFORT-INNOVATION padding to protect the crook of the thumb from heavy strain when going downhill. Wipe quickly and go: A large soft-wipe thumb dries and cleans your glasses or goggles for a clear view of the terrain - but it can also be used to wipe your nose. It is machine-washable at 30° Celsius (86° Fahrenheit) and available as the MAIRA JR with the same no-compromise features but with a cut adapted specifically to the anatomy of a teenager’s hand.  


2-way Spandex, light Twill Span printed




COMFORT-INNOVATION, OFF ROAD, RAIL FINGER CUT, reflective design elements, SILICONE-GRIP, soft-wipe thumb

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